December Car Offers: Biggest discount in 4 years

December Car Offers

December Car Offers: Biggest discount in 4 years .. This is the best chance to buy a new car While most of the companies are going to increase the price of their vehicles from January 2023, vigorous offers have been given to make December Happy to the customers. In December, automakers have given the biggest offers on new cars in 4 years.

December Car Offers
December Car Offers

December Car Discounts: At the end of the year, many automakers offer huge discounts on their vehicles. In these, along with the manufacturer companies, the dealers also give separate offers. This time the benefit that the customers are going to get is the biggest discount received in the last 4 years. Most of the vehicle manufacturers are giving 4.5% to 5% discount on their vehicles which was 2 to 2.5% last year. Among these, more offers are available on petrol variants of cheap cars and SUVs. This includes discounts offered by dealers ranging from cash discounts to customers to exchange bonuses and lower premiums on insurance.

Offers on CNG vehicles as well

Companies have given offers of up to Rs 60,000 on their CNG vehicles, which is the highest discount ever. Significantly, the difference between the price of CNG and normal fuel is now very less, in such a situation, to increase the sales of these cars, the manufacturer companies have made these offers available. Let us tell you that the companies already have strong bookings, they are not worried about giving big discounts.

Offers on Maruti and Hyundai cars

At the end of the year, strong offers have been given on Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai cars, apart from this, buying a car in December itself is going to be a profitable deal. The reason is that from January 2023, the vehicle manufacturers are going to increase the prices of their vehicles. From Tata Motors to all the big companies are going to make cars expensive. If you are also planning to buy a new car, then the remaining days of December are going to be the most profitable deal for you.

Book this special E-Car for just 2 thousand rupees, it gives competition to Mercedes in features

PMV Electric EaS-E can be easily booked by visiting the company’s website. The cost of the car is Rs 4.79 lakh. Now soon the company will also start its delivery, for which complete preparations have been made.

The recently launched 2 seater electric car PMV Electric EaS-E is becoming very popular among the people in the Indian auto mobile market. People are increasingly booking this car which competes with vehicles like Mercedes in terms of features. Now there is no need to worry those people who were not able to buy 2 seater car due to high cost. Apart from buying it at a low price, there will be no need to spend much money to run it.

Book for just Rs.

PMV Electric, a startup company from Mumbai, has recently introduced a microcar among the people. Its price starts from Rs. 4.79 lakhs. It has been included in the list of the cheapest cars to be launched so far. But it is not a passenger but a quadricycle car. Booking of PMV Electric EaS-E has started. You can book it online for just Rs.2000. According to the company, its delivery can start by the middle of the year 2023.

That’s why it’s so special

Due to its low price and great looks, its booking is going on very fast. On buying it, a warranty of 3 years or up to 50 kilometers is also available. This makes it different from other reason available in the market because of being only 2 seater. The driver can handle the steering wheel at the front and there is a single seat at the rear. Like the car, it has been given 4 doors. You can sit in it from any side.

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